Information about Walimas


Welcome to The North African Foodie Community Marketplace

This is a place where the North African Community share, and order its delicious meals and specialty cookies in the Montreal region.

The members of the community are women and men who share their passion for the North African Cuisine between them, and with all the other communities in the Montreal area. They prepare the meals, and the cookies at their homes or in professional bakeries with love and dedication in order to enrich Montreal's diversity, and it's food culture.

Different sort of cookies and meals can be ordered at, such as:

  • Cornes de Gazel or Kaab Ghzaal are popular around the world, and definitely the queen of the Moroccan cuisine
  • Baghrir or Moroccan semolina pancakes when you are craving for some sweet fluffy pancakes dipped in honey or syrup.
  • And so on ...

Whether you have a special event: Birthday party, Mariage, newborn party or just a small gathering between friends or colleagues at work, or you are looking for the perfect gift idea, you'll find the best cookies, and meals to give a unique experience to your guests and loved ones. You can go through all the listings, filter them according to your needs, and order the different meals, and cookies based on the reviews, and comments of the other members of the community, after you create an account to join the tribe.